Using Talenth Sourcing Chrome Extension to speed up the sourcing process

Sourcing Jun 28, 2020

The help you speed up the sourcing process for you, we have built a Chrome Extension that makes sourcing talent from LinkedIn a breeze.

Once you add our Chrome Extension and activate it, you'll be able to add talents to your Hiring pipeline or Talent Pools with just one click.

Just visit the LinkedIn profile of the candidate and our Chrome Extension will automatically appear on the right sight of your screen. You will see the following fields automatically filled in:

  • Full name
  • Headline
  • Location
  • Current company

You can also add tags to the candidate and add the candidate to a specific job opening at your company or add to a specific talent pool in your Talenth account.

After all the necessary fields are filled in, just click the "Submit" button to add the talent.

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