Using Slack integration

Integrations Jun 28, 2020

Talenth and Slack work together to keep your team in sync.

Our Slack integration allows you to increase recruiting efficiency and save time. We know how hard it is to get feedback from your team about a candidate after an interview or a completed task.

So we have decided to simplify this process for you with our Slack app. Currently, you can ask feedback from your team regarding a candidate right from your Slack workspace. And your team members can easily share their feedback without leaving Slack too. All this with just a few clicks.

So far the integration supports following actions

  • Unfurl shared link with candidate info
  • Submit a feedback from an interview

To use our Slack integration, an admin user needs to enable it on your Talenth account and connect it with your Slack workspace.

Setup instructions

1. Grant requested permissions to Talenth app for for your workspace and channel.

2. Post a candidate link from your Talenth app in the granted slack channel (#general in this example), the link will automatically get unfurled.

3. You are all set! Now you can submit a feedback for a candidate directly from Slack.

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